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5th Grade

General Education

Office Hours

During our office hours, we will be available to answer parent and student questions immediately. If you contact us at another time, we will respond as soon as possible. However if you would like the fastest response,  please contact us during the hours listed below.   

Ms. Krauth:

Ms. Wilson:


 District Grading scale: 

4: Above grade level

3: Performing at Grade Level

2: Sometimes performing at grade level

1: Performing below grade level.

All other assignments will be a completion grade only. 

Tech Support

If your family needs help with tech support please email

5th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Krauth's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to Fifth Grade! I am so excited to start our remote learning adventure together! Make sure you can access our class on Schoology with your Adams12 email and password. I am so excited to see you in our virtual classroom on Thursday...

Molly Wilson's Classroom

Subject: General Education
Welcome Remote Learners! This is a unique journey we are about to embark on and I am so excited to be your teacher for it. We are going to learn so much by pushing our limits this year. You will become experts in technology, self discipline and...