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1st Grade Updates

Hello First Grade Families,

As we embark on in-person and remote learning, we will be using technological and traditional learning methods to instruct students.  Please make sure chromebooks or devices are charged and ready to go every day.  

Reading: Please have your child read every night for 15 minutes. Research show that the more exposure to books and texts, the more words they retain, and the better readers they become. If your child is not yet reading independently you can read to them. Try to involve them as much as possible. Let them point to words, ask them questions about what was read, make predictions, talk about the pictures, etc. 

Spelling: We will focus on patterns. Children will be introduced to new patterns as they are ready. Please look for lists of words to study/practice with in your child´s interactive binders. Do not limit yourself to these words only. Please add to the list and make the words more challenging if your child is ready. Your child will be assessed on the patterns, not specific word lists. The assessments will be used to inform our instruction and may not be sent home right away. 

Writing: We are focusing on writing personal narrative pieces. The students will be able to write a paper that tells about a true story that has occurred in their lives. It includes an introduction that includes who, what happened and when, at least three events (first, next, and last), and a closing that includes their feelings. We will be emphasizing the importance of sentence structure including: capitals at the beginning, spaces between words, punctuation at the end, neat handwriting and correct spelling of word wall words. 

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