Jump Rope & Hoop for Heart

Important Event Dates by grade levels are listed below.

We're just two weeks away from our Jump Rope/Hoops For Heart event. Our students are learning how to be heart healthy by eating more fruits and veggies. Please help us keep others healthy and save lives by asking for donations.

Go to www.heart.org/jump to join our school and take a healthy pledge. Then, share your heart-healthy pledge by sending 10 emails or Ecards to your family and friends and ask them to pass it on.

We know you can do this!

Thank you.

Dates for your child's Jump Rope for Heart event:  (Money is due on your child's event day)

3/12 - Laliberte         3/13 - Kubiak          3/14 - Griffin

           Tunget                     Selby                      Ingram

           Wilson                     Santella                  Mastro

           Simpson                  Haan                      Applegate

           Padilla                     Gallegos                Alegre

            Dailey                     Kuhr