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Major Savors Updates 2020

Program Details

·        During the MS Video Presentation to the students we will provide information, such as: how to sell the card, safe selling rules, the collection process, prizes, etc. I have also included an announcement to share with your students once they have watched the video link.

·       Major Saver cards can be purchased via cash, check, online at, GO MOBILE with the Major Saver App. (Digital Card) or create a CUSTOM LINK for your child that can be shared via social media or email.  This link will automatically credit the online sale to your student when friends and family use the link to make their purchase! This year’s card is attached to this email for your viewing pleasure.

·        During the Collection process, a Major Saver Representative will check in at the main office everyday (dates listed above).  They will go to each classroom (at the elementary level) to collect money, record sales, and distribute cards/prizes.  Middle school collections will take place before school in a designated area. Your staff will not have to do anything, WE DO ALL THE WORK!

        The only thing that your Major Saver Representative will need from your office will be a classroom roster (Elementary Schools- Teacher name and all the students in that class).  We use these to keep track of sales and know what prizes to award. If you could have this ready when our rep arrives on Tuesday, February 18th or Wednesday, February 19th to drop off the MS Envelopes I would greatly appreciate it. We will also provide your school with daily announcements to read.

·        SHOW ME THE MONEY! Every card sold brings more money back to your school and your foundation. 

We are very excited about working with your school this year and, most importantly, excited to raise your district even more money! Please forward this email to teachers and staff to help drive sales to benefit your school.  In addition, any extra advertising about the program and dates would be helpful; email parents’ information, post dates on marquee, weekly newsletters, daily announcements, etc.




We look forward to providing you and your district with our great service and even better results.  See you in a few days!


Stephanie Smith | Campaign Manager | Major Saver

2638 NE Hagan Rd | Lee’s Summit | MO | 64064

Office:  816.554.7999 | Cell:  913-709-1803 |

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